Monday, September 14, 2009

Putting Infertile Myrtle away for awhile

Well, after much thought I've decided to put Infertile Myrtle away for awhile which means I'm going to start a new blog for this new chapter in my life. I thought about just changing the name of my blog, but, in respect to the years of struggle as Infertile Myrtle, I've decided to start a new blog and lay Infertile Myrtle to rest. Heaven knows, she deserves the rest! I don't know what the future will hold for's possible that I will need to resurrect Infertile Myrtle when I try to have my next baby. But I'm not going to worry about that right now. I'm just going to enjoy the moment that I'm in right now. And just knowing that Infertile Myrtle is there for me when I need her, I know I'm going to be okay come what may. Infertility has been a big part of my life for a long time, and won't be something I'll forget. I hope that dealing with infertility has made me a better person...
Before I close, I just want to thank everyone for your support, your love, your empathy, and your kind words. I've always felt like I've been part of sisterhood of infertile friends. Thank you for being there at my lowest points and celebrating with me in the joyous times. I wish all of you the best! If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to e-mail me at


Jessie Mae said...

Good for you! I am so happy for the next phase in your life :) Best of luck! Let me know how things go!

Pepper said...

I'm glad this blog helped you through the season of IF and wish you the best on the next leg of your journey. Thanks for sharing.

Beverly said...

Please let us know if you start a new blog! I would love to know how everything goes with the rest of your pregnancy......Thank you for sharing your struggles, you have no idea how it has helped total strangers like me. ;) Good luck!

Gabby said...

well, my best to you!! excited for this new chapter as a new mom!!

Nishant said...

Best of luck! Let me know how things go!

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